One-Stop Production Financing
Chantal im Märchenland
  • Produced in Penzing

Via its production partner Supernix, Penzing Studios can access attractive subsidy and regional subsidy funding programs in Germany, Austria and Italy. Recent credits include „Nine Perfect Strangers“, starring Nicole Kidman, for which we have raised over 18 Million Euros from Germany, Austria and Bavaria, as well as “The Crow”, “Cliffhanger”, “Return to Silent Hill”, “The Crimson Rivers“, and “Guns Akimbo”.

Tax Credits & Rebates

Germany offers a rebate of up to 25% that can be combined with rebates in Austria (35%) or Italy (40%), which Supernix can handle via its subsidiary companies, offering a one-stop solution for productions across these territories. 

Equity Investment

For select projects, Penzing Studios has access to equity and can invest in select projects in exchange for a participation in project revenues or in exchange for distribution rights. 

Regional Funding Programs

The International Co-Production Fund from the Bavarian Film Fund (FFF) can award up to 2 million euros for select projects. These funds are in addition to the federal rebates. There are also smaller programs in certain regions, which can bring in an additional 100’000 to 500’000 euros per project. 

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