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Penzing Studios offers a range of in-house services beyond the mere rental of studio facilities. Highlights are our world-class Art Department and Construction Services group, as well as our team of digital artists and technicians providing an integrated pipeline for Virtual Production, including pre-vis, VAD, scanning, asset creation, and VFX. We also have select partners for equipment rental, rigging, costume, and post-production services on the lot, offering a turn-key solution for productions big and small.

Production Services

We act as a co-producer or full-service production service company, overseeing everything from locations, budgeting & scheduling, production management, crews & casting, subsidies & accounting, housing, logistics etc. for smaller and bigger productions, shooting in Germany or other European countries.  

Supernix GmbH

Virtual Art Department

The Virtual Art Department at Penzing Studios harnesses cutting-edge technology to conceptualize and visualize creative ideas before they hit the physical stage. From detailed pre-visualization to scanning of real locations to asset creation, our VAD is a pivotal part of our virtual production pipeline.

Super Parallax GmbH


With Theaterkunst, Germany’s largest costume rental with over 10 million outfits, having a subsidiary on the lot at Penzing Studios.

Theaterkunst GmbH

Post Production

Penzing Studios currently has editorial facilities on the lot, with plans for a color grading stage and sound mixing stage underway.


Set Construction

Our Art Department & Set Construction team brings visions to life with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Utilizing innovative techniques and materials, we create immersive environments that meet the exacting standards of filmmakers.

Penzing Studios Set Construction GmbH

Equipment Rental

With a comprehensive inventory of the latest production equipment, Penzing Studios facilitates equipment rental services that cover every need. With our on-the-lot partners MBS and In-Motion, our range includes high-end cameras, lighting, grip, camera cars, and sound equipment, ensuring productions have access to the best tools for their creative endeavors.


Spielzeugfabrik Penzing GmbH is a brand new facility specialising in the design and print of graphic props and set elements. It is a new full-service provider for anything the Art Department requires in the design and making of graphics for film.

Spielzeugfabrik Penzing GmbH

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